Experience the best of antiques, art and agriculture.  Exeter is located just 30 minutes west of Sequoia National Park on Highway 65, 2 miles south of Highway 198 and 15 miles east of Highway 99. Exeter is only a 3 to 4 hour drive away from either Los Angeles or San Francisco. Situated in the middle of the great San Joaquin Valley, Exeter is known for growing some of the sweetest oranges in the world. Exeter is also known for it’s abundant supply of citrus, deciduous fruits, nuts and table grapes. The area has scenic beauty, a thriving business community, and a population who take great pride in the town’s heritage, quality housing and good schools.

Before the coming of the European settlers, the area that is now Exeter was part of a vast plain where elk, antelope and deer grazed and spring wildflowers bloomed. Native American Indians lived in an oak forest located two miles north of the present town.

In 1888, as the railroad carved its way through the southern San Joaquin valley, towns grew up along its route. D.W. Parkhurst, representing the Southern Pacific Railroad, bought land from early settler John Firebaugh, and the town of Exeter was born, named after Parkhurst’s native Exeter, England.

The development of water resources and the planting of fruit trees and vines brought growth to the little community. Exeter’s first school was built in 1897, a high school district was organized in 1908 and residents voted to incorporate in 1911. Cattle ranching played an integral part in the town’s history. The Gill Cattle Company of Exeter was established in the late 1800’s and is still in operation today. Once the largest cattle ranching business in the United States, the company owned and leased more than six million acres of land in nine western states.

City of Exeter
137 N. F Street
Exeter, CA 93921

Exeter Police Department: (559) 592-3103

Exeter Chamber of Commerce
101 Pine Street
Exeter, CA 93223
(559) 592-2919